Our Services

Moya Technologies, Inc. utilizes today's best-of-breed technologies coupled with best management practices to understand our clients needs, identify and deploy best value technologies, and transform challenges to strategic competitive advantage. Our highly skilled employees lean on their years of industry experience to delight our customers with technology innovations designed to improve capability, reduce costs, and contribute directly to the bottom line.

Acknowledged industry-wide for our innovation, creativity, insight and reliability, our team of professionals delivers leading edge proven solutions that our clients need to make hopes and visions a reality.

IT Systems Integration

It is no longer good enough to have a better mousetrap. Today's complex challenges often require a suite of integrated solutions. We excel at integrating systems to provide a cohesive solution to meet your needs. Not only do we have strong relationships and partnerships throughout the industry, we maintain a cadre of broadly skilled professionals capable of working across multiple platforms, and most importantly, getting them to work as a seamless whole. Sometimes this means development of middleware, something our programmers thrive on.


Moya Technologies is your one stop shop for virtualization. Whether it is server virtualization, datacenter virtualization or desktop virtualization, we have you covered including bringing the cloud to your mobile devices - securely. We have close relationships and partnerships with all the leading virtualization solution vendors and can tailor a system that best meets your needs.

Identity Management

We know Identity Management. With the goals of increasing security and productivity while decreasing costs, we offer years of experience designing innovative hardware, software, middleware, and integrated solutions to manage authentication, authorization, and privileges within and across enterprise boundaries.

Big Data Analytics

We help you understand Big Data. The rise in data that is so large and complex that it becomes impossible to decipher using traditional tools is a challenge vexing many organizations. We know there are patterns, connections and ultimately information and knowledge in there, but how to get at it? Our experience and partners can guide you through the capture, curation, storage, search, sharing, transfer, analysis, and visualization that transform chaos into actionable knowledge.

Enterprise Architecture

We can guide you through the process of developing an Enterprise Architecture that delivers the services and capabilities you need.


Security First. The best software or IT infrastructure solution means little if you cannot make it secure. Our experience and solutions extend across the enterprise from the datacenter, software certification and accreditation, to communications from unbeatable communications devices for the most discriminating clients.

IT Strategic Planning

We can guide you through the process of envisioning the IT future of your organization, helping you to make smart investments and avoid costly mistakes.

Our Skills

Delivering all these innovative technologies requires a broad range of skills. And we have them. Here are just a few among the many we possess:

  • BEA WebLogic System Integration & Implementation
  • Popkin System Architect
  • J2EE Certified Engineer
  • ITIL Foundation Experts
  • DoD Information Assurance Manager (IAM)
  • DoD Information Assurance Security Officer (IASO)




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